Past Productions

Stranger Sings!

Take a trip back to Hawkins, Indiana: 1983 — when times were simpler, hair was bigger, and unsupervised children were getting snatched by interdimensional creatures. Welcome to a wild and irreverent send-up of the hit Netflix series and all its campy 80’s glory. Prepare to go Upside Down with Stranger Sings!

Salty Theatre

Georgian CharterisCH

Ashley Taylor Tickell

Geoff Scarlett & Stephen McMahon

Madeline Pratt

Pirate Cat Productions

Gabriel J. Bethune

Edwin Cheah

Ian Andew, Stacey-Louise Camilleri, Jack Duff, Guillaume Gentil, Asher Griffith-Jones, Stephanie John, Liam J. Kirkpatrick, Jess Ridler and Gabrielle Ward

Andrew Hughes

Emily Busch

Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody

Before Voldemort was He Who Must Not Be Named, he was just Tom Riddle, another moody teen that felt angsty and confused by his feelings. Join Tom and his Hogwarts classmates on a hilariously bawdy, spellbindingly saucy musical adventure as he learns the ways of love, proper snake maintenance, the Unforgivable Curses and how to sever his soul through rock and roll.

Fiona Landers, Zach Reino and Richie Root

Zach Reino, Fiona Landers and Scott Passarella

Salty Theatre

David Youings

Grace Deacon and Max Bowyer

Stephanie Beza, Donnelly, Guillaume Gentil, Jay Haggett, Emerson Hansford, Stephanie John and Jonathon Shilling

Andrew Hughes

Top Gun! The Musical

Singing. Satire. Subtext. All at Mach 3!

Writer Billy Palmer is about to crash and burn. His musical adaptation of Top Gun is going off the rails and he really needs a hit… especially after the debacle of Apocalypse Wow! Instead, he’s saddled with a quarrelling cast, a shady ex-military producer, and a bit of bad luck. Now if only everyone would stop singing!

With Book and Lyrics by Denis McGrath and Music by Scott White, Top Gun! The Musical was originally produced as part of the Toronto Fringe, and nominated for multiple Dora Awards, including Outstanding New Musical.

Denis McGrath

Scott White

Salty Theatre

Sarahlouise Younger and Ashley Taylor Tickell

David Youings

Joti Gore, Eilannin Harris-Black, Belinda Jenkin, Robbie Smith, Ashley Taylor Tickell, Guilly Urra and Ashley Weidner

2022 Cast (Cancelled Production) Ian Andrew, Ellis Dolan, Jack Duff, Jo Jabalde, Madeline Pratt, Samantha Stewart and Benoit Vari

People Suck: A Musical Airing of Grievances

The Australian Premiere – Jerks, morons, flakes – let’s face it: PEOPLE SUCK. This hilarious and all-too-relatable musical theatre song cycle explores the many, many ways in which humans are just the worst. You’ll wish for your optimism back!

Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell

Salty Theatre

Ashley Taylor Tickell and Sarahlouise Younger

David Youings
Remount: Musical Supervision: David Youings, Musical Director: Geoff Scarlett

Zachary Alaimo, Tim Lancaster, Georgie Potter Ashley Taylor Tickell, Sarahlouise Younger
Remount Cast: Belinda Jenkin, Tim Lancaster, Georgie Potter, Ashley Taylor Tickell, Ashley Weidner

Andrew Hughes